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Useful Resources

Bio of Academics can be find on the Internet, a good place to start is the Academia page. See below how to do it.

How to search for an academic on the Academia page:

1. Type the name of the academic on the "Search" toolbar
2. Select "view all results" if that does not work, try pressing the enter button
3. Search results should show up on your screen. Select "people" on the left menu
4. A list of people with the name you searched should appear appear
5. Go through each individual until you find the academic you are looking for.* 
*Discernment must be used to determine if you have the right one.
You may also find it useful to search what key research projects the academics have taken and are currently working on.

After reading through this website it may be of interest to acquaint oneself with the sites below:

i. Interdisciplinary initiatives

ii. Research groups

iii. Research institutes

Some more research units, centres, initiatives and projects:

African Climate and Development Initiative

Centre in Information and Communications Technology Service (ICTS) for Development (ICT4D) 

Centre for Information Technology and National Development in Africa (CITANDA)

Development Policy Research Unit (DPRU)

Information for Community Services (iCOMMs)

Institute of Development and Labour Law

Graduate School of Development and Public Policy

Poverty and Inequality Initiate

Vrygrond Community Lab Activities

If you have queries, are seeking support or want more information about the courses and/or programmes please contact the relevant office. Contacts are found on the Contact page.