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Law: HEQSF Level 8

  • Law, Development, Labour and Social Policy
  • Social Justice and the Constitution


Convener: A/Prof D Collier (HESQF level 8, 9 NQF credits)
Course Entry Requirements: All Preliminary and Intermediate Level courses to have been completed.
Course Outline: The aim of this course is to introduce students to selected debates around the role of law in development, specifically in the context of labour market regulation in the era of globalisation. Topics may include developments in case law, social security principles and implementation, statutory and extra-legal social dialogue arrangements, the harmonisation of labour standards and social policy in Southern Africa, workplace discrimination, affirmative action, freedom of association, HIV/AIDS in the workplace, dispute prevention and resolution, and health and safety.


Convener: Professor P de Vos (HEQSF level 8, 9 NQF credits) 
Course entry requirements:
All Preliminary and Intermediate Level courses to have been completed.
Course outline: The course is intended to give students an opportunity to engage with a number of discrete constitutional law problems in more detail than is possible in the general introductory Constitutional Law course offered in the preliminary year. The course is aimed at providing a space for contestation, critical discussion and reflection on important constitutional law issues and the manner in which lawyers, judges and legal academics engage with such issues against a broader socio-political background. Aiming to go beyond a black letter law discussion of constitutional law principles and legal precedent (but not ignoring such principles and precedent), the course encourages students to ask questions about the nature of constitutional adjudication; the interaction between law, politics and values; and the various ways in which social and political issues should be dealt with from a constitutional perspective.