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Health Sciences: HEQSF 9 Courses

  • Health Policy and Planning
  • Gender and Health


Convener: Ms Orgill and Prof L Gilson (HESQF level 9, 12 NQF credits)
Course Entry Requirements: None
Course Outline: This course will enable participants to gain insights into the purpose, nature and processes of health policy and of planning; recognise the socio-political factors acting on health policy; develop analytical skills for assessing policy developments and implementation processes, including stakeholder analysis; understand approaches to priority setting for health and equity; appreciate the key dimensions of critical health policy issues; recognise critical elements of strategic management that are important in health policy implementation, including actor management strategies; and develop advocacy in and knowledge translation strategies relevant to influencing health policy change.


Convener: Dr J Harries (HESQF level 9, 12 NQF credits)
Course Entry Requirements: None
Course Outline: The course provides candidates with an understanding of issues of gender impact on health and healthcare; global patterns in gender and health; gender and health in South Africa; men, gender and health, gender theory; changing practices and mainstreaming gender; strategic and practical approaches. Specific topics will be used to examine the impact of gender on health. These include: gender and HIV/AIDS; gender; work and health; gender-based violence; sexual and reproductive health and rights including abortion, masculinities and sexual health and maternal and child health.