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Health Sciences: HEQSF 8 Courses

  • Critical Priorities in Disability & Development
  • Health and Development


Convener: Dr J McKenzie (HEQSF level 8, 30 NQF credits)
Course entry requirements: None
Course outline: The course provides space for critical interrogation of vulnerability and agency related to disability, focusing on transformation and social justice. Relevant ethical frameworks for disability inclusion such as human rights, Ubuntu, and an ethics of care are introduced. Next, students engage with approaches to development, e.g. sustainable livelihoods and mainstreaming in the context of global efforts to address poverty, while focusing on disability inclusive development.
At the end of the course, the student will demonstrate an understanding of how theoretical models can inform transformative practices; a critical stance toward these theories informed by their own world view, experience and practice; an awareness of the global context of neoliberalism and development as it impacts on social transformation; an understanding of disability as a critical issue within global development initiatives; knowledge of national and international development strategies and how disability issues can be integrated within these in a mainstreaming and twin track approach; and an understanding of collaboration and strategic partnerships to ensure disability inclusive development.


Convener: M Dutsche and J Shea (HEQSF level 8, 12 NQF credits)
Course entry requirements: None
Course outline: This course explores the developmental determinants of health and the systems and ideologies that promote and sustain maternal and child health. The objectives of this course are: to develop an awareness of human rights issues within the health context, to introduce students to the tools and health services in order to assess whether they adequately meet the health needs of children, to examine critically the political and economic factors that affect health and health interventions, and to develop an understanding of health promotion and of its role as a key strategy for improving health. The course is offered through lectures and two hours per week online interaction with the tutor for six weeks.